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Happy Holidays !!!

You know December has finally arrived when your life becomes a whirlwind from day 1 : checking your already-made-list thrice; getting on airport to catch an 18 hour flight , spending a 5 hour layover in some busy airport, getting on to more airports to catch some more flights …ah, the chaotic joys of Christmas !!! Not so long ago, I’ve learned that the greatest gifts are not those placed under the Christmas Tree but rather, it’s us, loved ones, dogs & all, snuggled together around that tree…can’t wait to be home for the holidays. Peace, love and joy to all !!

Blazing red, pumpkin yellows, chilly’s fffall !

What does one do when October comes?  Self reflections, re-balancing..connecting the dots..  All the good “important” stuff. And if my husband would read this by any chance, I’d imagine his smile will be as broad as the Gulf and I’ve successfully made his day. So, if I can paint a 60 seconds smile on my husband’s adorable face, then I welcome  October, with open arms . ( p.s. “important” is a relative word, right? Right.) Happy October days !!!

Luckily, the cough & colds that’s been keeping me company are just virus, lookin’-for-company, and would go away on their own according to my GP..( at the waiting room, Dubai Mall EHL Healthcare Centre)

Hello there August!

Yes, hello there August ! Indeed, I will never learn that time do really fly and GONE the minute I turn my back , without it saying the usual  ta tas ! Nevertheless,the past month went on smoothly with good news back home that my parents are quite settled in a new place of their own . As for me,  the unforgiving hot weather is making me stay indoors most of the time, and as the temperature keeps rising, I can imagine that the baking hot  August days will all be about lazying around and I can already foresee what’s ahead in numbers; Number 1. staying by the pool at sunset ( I even bought a new bathing suit to keep up with the weather spirit) ; Number 2. hitting the thread mill at the building gym at least twice a week;  and Number 3. catching up with some of my long over-due  domestic chores. And if any one of these won’t happen, or be done,  I have the weather to blame it upon. Happy August days !!

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